11/11/2013: Recruiting Now!! 

Lincoln TCD Lab are looking for participants for a new study investigating the relationship between speech centres in the brain and motor control / co-ordination abilities.

If you have a motor control impairment such as Developmental Coordination Disorder or Dyspraxia and are aged 18 and over, then please get in touch for more information on how to take part!

01/07/2013: On the road again! This time to Manor Leas Academy North Hykeham. 

The children from year 3 will be taking part in our speech lateralisation study and seeing how the Doppler works

17/06/2013: Lincoln TCD Lab on the road at The Corsham School!

The LincolnTCDLab is visiting The Corsham School in Wiltshire this week, where A-level Psychology Students will hear about some of the neuropsychological research being done at Lincoln, and have a chance to take part in our study.

20/05/2013: The first TCD Lab study is now under way!!

We are recruiting now for adult participants for a speech lateralisation and handedness study. Please use the contact page for more details.

02/05/2013: Lincoln TCD Lab launched today!

Well, we’re finally up and running!  The lab has been coming to together slowly over the last few months and we will be running our first proper studies here over the summer. But we’re more or less there now, and can officially launch the Lincoln Transcranial Doppler lab, also known as the TCD lab.

See University’s full press release here